Blades for Every Mower

Mulching your lawn has been a recommended practice for years, and the Gator blades have become very popular as a replacement for the standard OEM lawn mower blades. There are several manufacturers of these blades which are designed to fit both walk behind and riding lawn mowers. If you are like me you probably have been using the deck plug, and the standard blades that came with your mower. When using the plug the grass is contained under the deck and cut into fine pieces. With the Gator style blade the plug isn’t installed and the serrated design of the blade doesn’t require that the plug be installed during use. The design of the Gator blade is such that the grass is cut into fine pieces. One significant advantage of mulching without the deck plug installed is that there is far less dust created when mowing during the dry days in the summer. The Gator design which doesn’t require the plug means there is no more dust created than with the normal OEM blades and the side discharge or bagging operation.
You can choose quality Gator blades from the manufacturers we feature here. You can enter your mower model in the search feature on the upper right of this page i.e “Kubota Gator blade” and find the blade to fit your lawn machine.

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Gator Blades